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COBOL Programming by ACE Solutions COBOL Programming, plus other high-level Languages
EasyTreive Programming by ACE Solutions EasyTreive Programming, plus other 4th-Gen Languages
DB2 and SQL Programming by ACE Solutions DB2 and SQL Programming, plus other Databases and Access Methodologies
FTP Programming at ACE Solutions FTP Programming and Utilization, plus other File Transfer Processes Methodologies
MS-WORD experience  by ACE Solutions MS-WORD Installation, Usage, Maintenance, Conversions
MS-EXCEL experience  by ACE Solutions MS-EXCEL Installation, Usage, Maintenance, Conversions
MS-ACCESS experience  by ACE Solutions MS-ACCESS Design, Development, Import/Export, Applications, Troubleshooting, Conversions

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... What are they, what are they for, How To; Resumes of ACE People, Associates and Others; Engines, Parsers and other Tools.

  • See ours ... ACE Managed - Analysis, Design, Construction and Maintenance - Systems Inventory and Auditing; like ...
  • Perry Stripling - who has 25+ years Mainframe experience, among other skills. review Resume
  • ... and Associates - Applications R Us!
  • Whats Yours? - Web Pages, Internet Services and More.
  • ToolShed - Engines, Parsers and other Tools
  • Engines, Parsers and other Tools - How To for Community Organizers and other Interested Parties.

ACE Solutions is about Being prepared, as much as one can, for any circumstances in any environment At ACE Solutions, LLC, We Are Committed to Introducing Real World Approaches that Greatly Increase Your Productivity, or at least Maintain It when Disasters strike. ACE Solutions, LLC provides a "Murphys Law" approach for Proactive people looking to Gain an Edge. Review Resume, Resumes, go ahead and Order, or Contact Us with your question, comment -or- special request.

EXPERIENCE:   ACE Solutions, LLC brings to bear;

*   30-plus years combined experience with Businesses, Organizations, and just plain old regular folks with an issue or idea. etc.

Let your Imagination Be Your Limit!!!

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skills and Clinics Offered

NOTE!   ACE Solutions will be featured Throughout the winter season in Portland, Salem area locations.  Check out the Calendar Page often for New Up-Dates!

* System Architecture skills at ACE I/S Solutions System Architecture Analysis, Design, Construction, Maintenance
* Web-Based skill set at ACE I/S Solutions Web Sites, Service and Internet Development and Training
* Personal Computing Services skills at ACE I/S Solutions Personal Computing Services; SetUp - Buying/Building, Troubleshooting and Maintenance, Application Development
* Business skills at ACE I/S Solutions Business Planning and Analysis, Logo Design, Sales and Marketing, Temp Services
* Organizational skills at ACE I/S Solutions Organization Development and Operations, Event Management, Campaign Management

Industry Experience and Areas Of Interest

Business and other For-Profit groups and ventures Business and other For-Profit groups and ventures
Organizations and other NGO, Non-Profit groups and ventures Organizations and other NGO, Non-Profit groups and ventures
Government groups and ventures Government groups and ventures
Home and Personal Home and Personal
Hobby and Gaming Hobby and Gaming

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