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Distributed System Software Development and Maintenance

  • Hardware and Operating Systems:
    • PCs & compatibles; MAC, DOS, Windows, LINUX.
    • Mini and Mid-range; VMS (VAX), CL (AS/400), UNIX
    • Mainframe; OS/JCL & Utilities, zOS, IBM 30xx, 43xx, UNIVAC, CICS, TIP/30, MVS/XA/ESA, MVS Utilities, VSE/VM, DOS/VSE.
  • Programming Languages: COBOL (IBM PC, AS/400 & Mainframe), VB, VBA, ColdFusion, HTML, Easytrieve Plus, IDEAL, ADS/O, Culprit, Natural, Assembler, Fortran, RPG, PL/I, REXX, SAS, PHP, PERL, C#, Java, Python, CSS, Javascript, .NET, SQL.
  • Databases and Tools: MySQL, MS-ACCESS, FoxPro, MS-SQL/Server; ODBC, ADO, DB2, VSAM, IMS (DL/I and DBDC), DataCom, IDMS, ISAM, QSAM; EXCEL/VBA, IDCAMS; File-Aid, OLQ and others similar to SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for ETL, plus; SIREN, Crystal Reports, and others similar to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • IDEs: Roscoe, TSO/ISPF, Xedit, ICCF, Panvalet; NotePad++, Visual Studio, plus.
  • Testing: Xpeditor, DADS, PlayBack, INTERTEST, EZ-Test, EDF.
  • Version Control: PROFs, LIBRARIAN, Panvalet, Git, BitBucket.
  • Communications: FTP, PFX, PC/Support, PC3270, Rumba, Extra/Now.
  • Security: RACF, ACF2, Top Secret.
  • Utilities: VMspool, SDSF, Flasher; MS Office Suite (WORD, OutLook, Project); Norton's Utilities, WordPerfect.
  • Applications Areas: Accounting (A/R, A/P), Banking Systems, EDI Systems, Health Care & Hospital, Insurance & Pension, Inventory and Purchase Order, Manufacturing, MRP (Manufacture Resource Planning) Systems, Warehouse, Order Processing systems, POS (Point-of-Sale) Applications, Printing Systems & Service, Scanners (Imaging) & Data Entry, Sales & Marketing.

    TRAINING: Treehouse | JavaScript; including AngularJS, npm, Node.js, jQuery and AJAX, iOS / Android; Objective-C, Java, Python, HTML, CSS , PHP; LAMP, MySQL, Java; jClarety, Development Tools; Agile, Scrum, plus, see >> details. Learn more >>


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  • Business - Plan Development, Sales and Marketing; Start-up and Operations.
  • Organizations - How To for Community Organizers and other Interested Parties.

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